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When we talk about windows computer only name that comes in our mind for browsing the internet is Mozilla  or Firefox Browser which was made designed and developed by Mozilla Foundation, it is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS, and Linux not just computer it works just fine with all handheld devices too. Firefox was introduced in the year of 2002 since then it has been the best in terms of speed, internet security and additional add on extension, Mozilla has Millions of users as of today’s date. For Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded from official website of for support call our Mozilla Thunderbird Support at 1-800-875-8836.

After a big success of Mozilla Browser, Mozilla community has been doing researchof what people need other than a browser, after a long research in the year of 2004 Mozilla came up with a product called Mozilla Thunderbird version 1.0, free and open source email client, which was downloaded by more than 500,000 users in just first three days and 1,000,000 in 10 days of release, since than it has been growing and loved by millions of users worldwide. If you have been using Mozilla thunderbird but having problem then contact our Thunderbird Phone Number.

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When you are utilizing the webmail service of Mozilla Thunderbird, you never need to confront any sort of bother or issue. They are known to give great highlights in this web mail administration and we are accessible with master Mozilla Thunderbird Support administrations for each client. At whatever point you need any sort of assistance to utilize the services of Mozilla Thunderbird, you will most likely contact our Thunderbird Phone Number to get the assistance from the expert specialist co-ops, and there are many amazing features you get while using Mozilla thunderbird. Let’s understand the features of Thunderbird how they work.

Robust Privacy and Do Not Track just to keep your data protected and encrypted thunderbird itself has a feature to hide the images which comes in, if you want to keep it like that then you don’t have to do anything but if you want to unlock the image then click on it and it is viewable for you. Not just this infect do not track feature ensures that your data is not shared with any website you have visited link porn, business or social media. To learn how it works just use Mozilla Thunderbird help or call Thunderbird help 1-800-875-8836.

One Click address Book just click on the star next to a new email and that’s it, this wayevery time you get an email from an unknown person, you do not have to be worrying of going through a long process of steps to put it in your address book when second time same person sends an email to you, you know who it is, Attachment Notifier when you send an email to somebody with an attachment in it, a notifier will automatically finds out and tell you if that file is compatible or not, Large Files Management you are a home user or business user does not matter once in a while you have a large file to send which does not go keeps giving error and becomes really frustrating, however in Mozilla thunderbird you can create a small link for a large file and simply send that link attached with an email, this way your big files is stored on the server and does not take up a big space on thunderbird application. If you still get any error or problem just Call Thunderbird Support.

Multiple Channel Chat this feature help for business people or it helps for those people who wants to keep a track of the conversation, since this feature allows you to continue the conversation with series of emails instead of sending a new email every time, it supports almost all available networks.

Search the Web there are many instances with other email programs, when you receive an email with a link, article post or video, you have to close the email application and then go to link separately but in thunderbird search the web feature gives you a liberty to open the link directly without closing the thunderbird application.

Smart Folders This folder is very helpful for those people who keep many emails configured in thunderbird since it gives you an option to synchronize them, this feature is a little technical if you can do it by yourself then good otherwise you can always get in touch with Thunderbird Support.

Quick Filter Toolbar for easy navigation of emails this feature help you in segregating the email, tags, and people in your address book.

Customized Email addresses is a great feature which gives you freedom to choose a specific name email address which matches your business needs of interest. Simply go to thunderbird and set it up with that name.

Message Archive If you get a bunch of emails every day and it becomes hard to find emails in your inbox then archiving is the best thing you can do, by using archive feature you can simply move those emails from inbox to archive and your inbox is always empty or only important emails stays there.

Thunderbird Look and Feel just because of great features speed and performance of thunderbird program, all kind of people use it kids at school, old people, business people or job people, everyone has different taste of how they want the look of their email to be, just to keep your mood happy thunderbird has a feature to choose your own colour theme. Mozilla thunderbird has a collection of all interest you can choose from.

Phishing Protection usage of online banking and online shopping has increased drastically in last few years hence there are many scam emails land to your inbox, some of them can put you in big trouble just to keep you safe and secure phishing protection tool of Mozilla thunderbird ensures all the emails and websites which has been reported recently by users or by security companies are blocked immediately and does not come to your inbox. In case you click on a phishing email, your emails is frozen, blocked or hacked Contact Mozilla Thunderbird Number and keep yourself safe.

Search Tool if you have hundreds of emails with folders in your thunderbird program than it becomes hard to find a specific email when needed, but search tool can help you finding that one email you are looking for simple in search box type the name of the person, subject or anything related and search tool will find that email for you.

Add-Ons Manager There are many dirrerent services you want to add in your Mozilla thunderbird program, with other email programs it used to be like you have to go to browser and then install separately what you want, but in thunderbird you have an option to add extension by a simple click, these addons have been downloaded by millions of users, Quickfolders, Quicktext, Contact Tabs, Signature Switch, Mail Merge, quickFilters, XNote++, Attach from Clipboard, Send Later, Personas Plus, Enigmail, Allow HTML Temp, Minimize To Tray revised, Nostalgy, Provider for Google Calender, Mail Redirect, Auto Address Cleaner, Master Password, CardBook, BorderColors GT       , Menu Filter, Classic Toolbar Buttons, Tab Wheel Scroll, Search as list, Manually sort folders, ThunderHTMLedit, etc. these are just few of the add-ons but you want to explore or learn more of them simple contact Mozilla Thunderbird Phone Number.

Open Source ensures your update and security.

Automated Update Mozilla thunderbird does not ask you to keep visiting the official website to keep a track of latest updates, it happens automatically, when a new update is released by Mozilla it gives you notification of it. This feature ensures you are always up to date.

Cutting out of the Junk when you are knowingly or unknowingly subscribed to a services, article, news, or a website then they start sending you emails some of them just send one or two but some spam companies send a lot of them which becomes really annoying and because of it you sometimes miss your important emails, Mozilla thunderbird team understand how troubling it is hence they have put a filter in thunderbird which ensures once you mark an email as spam or junk next time it does not reach your inbox again. But still if some email keeps appearing again and again simply contact Mozilla Thunderbird Help.

Activity Manager Keeps you up to date with all important emails, and it keeps a track of the activity you are doing in thunderbird you can customize it according to your daily usage.

Tabbed Email if you are a person who does not want to go to each email separately, than this by using tabbed email feature you can easily open and save emails to multiple tabs.
Messages have turned into a fundamental piece of our day by day lives because of a few reasons. Regardless of whether you need to keep every one of your messages put away or need to impart a significant record to your partners, email is the most appropriate answer for you. There are different email specialist co-ops accessible nowadays yet Mozilla Thunderbird Customer Service brings to the table the absolute most alluring highlights and administration to the client. Be that as it may, with regards to offer blunder free administrations, Mozilla Thunderbird appears to be powerless on the grounds that there are diverse specialized issues that can emerge sooner or later.

Thunderbird phone number

So as to help Mozilla Thunderbird clients, we are putting forth a most advantageous approach to profit arrangements. Our certified Thunderbird Customer Support is in a split second open every minute of every day so as to offer brief help to the clients at whatever point they are having an issue with the email administration. Our specialists are legitimately open by means of live visit, Mozilla Thunderbird toll free number (USA, Canada) and email. They are competent enough to offer brief answers for even the most confused Thunderbird issue. These issues sometimes occur while using Thunderbird.

How to set up or Configure Mozilla Thunderbird

In order to configure an email with Mozilla thunderbirds go to tools menu and select account settings. Select email account and then click on next, enter your name and email address, select POP or IMAP as the type of incoming server you are using, your incoming server is for POP, for IMAP. Click next enter your email address for the incoming users name and outgoing user name click next enter and name for your email account and click next, verify your account information and click finish. In the account settings window select outgoing server listed below your new account. Type for the server name and change the port setting to 80.

NOTE: "" is an SMTP relay server. In order to use this server to send e-mails, you must first activate SMTP relay on your e-mail account. Log on to your Manage Email Accounts page to set up SMTP relay. If you do not have SMTP relay set up and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows it, you can use the outgoing mail server for your Internet Service Provider. Contact your Internet Service Provider to get this setting Select use select use name and password and enter your email address. Thunderbird will ask you for your passwords the first time you try to send mail click Ok in case you cannot do it please contact us Thunderbird Phone Support.

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As a client of Mozilla Thunderbird service, you never need to stress over any sort of burden or issue. In the event that you need to look for Mozilla Thunderbird Support Phone number 1-800-875-8836, you can visit our site for it. We are here to give phenomenal help administrations to explain every one of the inquiries of the clients. When you get in touch with us, we generally ensure that you can get the moment answer for all issues in the service of Mozilla Thunderbird. We will give moment arrangement about any sort of issues.

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