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Outlook is an email software widely used all over the world. It comes with Microsoft Office as a package. Outlook was initially released in 1992 by the name Outlook for MS-DOS and it kept on improving till today by name Microsoft Outlook 2019. Outlook 365 is also available as web-based/cloud-based software. Today we have two versions of outlook namely Microsoft Outlook and second is web-based outlook.com which is derived from Hotmail. Today nearly every firms accept outlook to be genuine and secure in comparison with any free software available on the internet with amazing Outlook Customer Support. Outlook comes with many formatting techniques and table contents. We can even pull back any email sent to a particular sender only if it is not read by the recipient. This feature was introduced first by Microsoft in outlook and today this feature is also available in Gmail but only for a short period. Outlook installed on a computer is known as stand-alone software and it can also work with Microsoft's exchange server and also with Microsoft's Share Point Server as multi-user interface mostly used in companies. Microsoft has also designed an Outlook app for mobile devices like Apple and Android. Software Developers also create add-ons using Microsoft Visual Studio to work with Microsoft Outlook.

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Common Feature of Outlook includes:

  • Email Composing
  • Formatting An Email
  • Adding Attachments
  • Group Email Sending
  • Re-Call a sent email
  • POP3 & IMAP Servers for Offline/Stand-Alone Software
  • Composing, Sending, Deleting, Send-Receive Emails
  • Spelling Check
  • AutoComplete

Advanced Feature of Outlook Includes:

  • Scheduling An Email
  • Group Schedules
  • Adding Hyperlink to Email
  • Lunar Calendar Support
  • Performance Improvements
  • MSN Messenger inbuilt
  • The remainder window for a task with the snooze button
  • Retention Policies
  • Exchange Mode
  • Flag an email with colours
  • Desktop Alert
  • Email Filtering and combating spams
  • search an email
  • Reading Pane customization
  • Unicode Support
  • Ribbon Interface
  • Phishing Support
  • Attach a link to cloud resources
  • Search Cloud
  • Clutter Folder
  • Email Address Internationalization
  • Scalable Vector Graphics

Microsoft Office does not support CalDAV and CardDAV like various third-party software. But we can still export calendar contents and sync with other outlook versions of different computers.

A most common problem with outlook occurs is while configuring it. Normally Microsoft Outlook provides automatically the incoming and outgoing mail servers for most common email servers like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, Hotmail, Comcast, etc., but there are some emails owned by a private domain provider. For such servers, the incoming & outgoing mail servers need to be provided with the port numbers. Some email servers support encrypted password while most support only plain text password. This is crucial and mostly all the end-users are naive to this. Most tutorials are available online but if you fail to configure it then always get in touch with our Outlook Customer Support Phone Number 1-800-875-8836.

Due to the technology advancement and improvement in Microsoft Outlook, this problem is not a big issue now. Suppose we configure our email account in Microsoft Outlook successfully. Now if we change the password then it has to be updated in Microsoft Outlook as well. We assume that Microsoft Outlook is easy but it is only for those who have just made their email accounts and are configuring it for the first time.

While Working With Outlook, We Need to Know About:

  • Email and Password
  • Incoming and Outgoing mail servers
  • POP or IMAP
  • SSL or non SSL Support
  • Port Numbers
  • Plain Text Password
  • Encrypted Password
  • Server Supports OAuth or Normal or Encrypted or None kind of AuthenticationWhether incoming mail server and outgoing mail server are from same or different companies.

Now if a user has just made a new email and has configured in Microsoft Outlook successfully then it's good. But there is a situation that Microsoft Outlook is new but the server has many emails and many folders that needed to be imported. In this case end, a user must know if the server supports POP or IMAP or both. Refer help from Outlook Customer Service.

Now if the Server supports:
Only POP - then only inbox items will be downloaded
The only IMAP - all the folders will be downloaded with exactly same kind of status (read or unread emails & sent items with reply email support)
IMAP and POP both - generally this is the best case

Today most of the email servers have migrated from pop to IMAP for good reason. But one problem still lies with contacts. Auto sync of Contacts doesn`t takes place like email and email folders. Auto Sync of Contacts happens only with Microsoft Email domains like Hotmail, outlook, live email and so on. Microsoft Outlook doesn’t support contact sync with Gmail, Yahoo, and other not Microsoft email domains.

Microsoft Outlook is an email program that brings emails from the server to out computers. Then why people choose outlook? The main reason is that it supports multiple emails, and many emails can be configured in it, we get one familiar interface. Otherwise, the user has to login to all his email account and see which email came from whom when and whether the recipient has got out an email or not. Suppose a person has an email like live mail, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and Comcast. Now if he has to look to his email without Microsoft Outlook then he has to open a browser and open 5 tabs and login to all the five emails in 5 tabs respectively. This is a hectic process. Also if a new email arrives there is no popup visible and there is no such notification from browser until we allow it in all the browsers. Earlier our internet browsers were not supported for popups when a new email arrives. Again if we are dealing with spam emails and we happen to block an email, all the browsers have a different settings location for blocking emails. Live & Hotmail has a different method, Gmail and yahoo also have a different method. This lead to more stress in the workplace. Further, if a user has accidentally blocked a known good email address by mistake, it becomes more difficult to unblock as all the email servers have different settings and it is really deep to go and unblock it.in this case Outlook Phone Helpis must.

Now if any user is familiar with outlook settings and all the 5 emails are configured in outlook, then it becomes quite easy to do these things,

  • Get new emails
  • Reply to any emails
  • Get notification popup and sound for incoming emails
  • Block an email
  • Unblock an email

Auto-response for all email can be done by outlook easily at one place without logging in to all 5 email providers and making an auto-response and also if we have to stop auto response, it can be done easily from Microsoft Outlook in one go rather than logging in to all 5 servers stopping it.
Adding to an attachment by right click
Familiar Layout
Microsoft Outlook application can be password protected

While we deal with emails it is clear that nearly all kinds of business dealing take place using email for sure. People from any part of the world, while dealing with a company or a person, trust factor takes place with email only. Email plays a very important role for a student, teachers, business and government or non-government bodies. So we must be sure if our emails are protected or not if it gets hacked our Outlook Support Phone Number 1-800-875-8836 is always available. Challenges that we face are:

  • Spam Emails
  • Advertisement Emails
  • Phishing Emails
  • Email Account getting hacked
  • Identity theft
  • Secure Password
  • Secure logins (Step 2 Verification)
  • Multiple Login
  • Place of Login

Because multiple emails can be configured in Microsoft Outlook the problem of spam emails or junk emails can be easily reported. Normally many famous email providers have spam detectors and virus detectors enabled on their servers. Virus emails will be auto-deleted and won't come to our inbox but the spam emails will be detected and it will be flagged as spam or junk. Such emails will be placed in a junk folder or spam folders for sure. If we have IMAP settings, we'll get these emails in the spam or junk email folder for sure. But suppose if we get Advertisement emails all day, we can easily right-click and mark as spam to such emails. Today the spam filter module of Microsoft Outlook is AI-based. This means if a user reports an email as spam in Microsoft Outlook Application, the spam module scans all the email and its content and learn it. Further such emails will be automatically marked as spam and it will be sent to junk or spam folders automatically. We should know that this AI learning of Spam detection is application based and not server-based. And will work till we have Microsoft Outlook installed in our computer or we intentionally reset Spam Detection Learning (AI) in Microsoft Outlook settings.Microsoft Help tutorials are available for explanatory blogs and videos.

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Microsoft Outlook knows that people sometimes need Advertisement Emails and so such emails are not automatically marked as spam unless the advertisement emails have some A-rated content in it. Like advertisement related to Viagra, medicines, condoms, and emails related to STD will be automatically marked as spam by the servers. Otherwise, a user needs to mark other normal advertisements as spam when they don't want or users can click on "unsubscribe" button at the end of advertisement emails and this will stop from getting such advertisement emails from a particular email sender only. Generally, by clicking on the unsubscribe link, the advertisement server takes 7 or 14 or sometimes 45 to 60 days to remove our email from their list. In such cases, marking as spam to frequent advertisement emails becomes a necessary task. Contact Outlook Customer Support if you are unable to do it on your own.

Phishing emails are emails that happen to disguise itself a particular company but they are fake emails. Like an email will look like it is from yahoo but it is from a fake company and we end up sending/replying to such emails. Microsoft Outlook has a feature that blocks pictures and hyperlinks to make us safe from such emails. If we intentionally click or reply to such emails then it is surely our fault and not Microsoft Outlook's fault. Microsoft Forum help has many complaints and flags on these.

Email Account getting hacked refers to a situation in which a hacker gets the login information and changes the email password and also changes security questions and important information in such a way the original person becomes unable to get back to the account. In such situation, if the main person Call Outlook Customer Care and tell them to retrieve information, then he/she has to tell the main person to physically come to the office with related documents to get back in to account. This is stressful and the victim gets a bad impression and rarely recovers from this.

Identity theft refers to a situation in which a hacker gets the login information and doesn't change the password. Hacker never leaves a clue that his account is being accessed by someone else at the same time the owner of the account is logged in. In this way, the hacker learns the incoming mail patterns and also learns the sent items. To cause harm, hacker replies to many or some email negatively and deletes what he has replied and caused harm to the victim. Let's say, a person has ordered a smartphone from amazon in a limited offer deal. The hacker who has his email account logs in to the email and cancel the order. Thus causing harm. In this way, the hacker doesn't lock the account but cause harm differently. If you notice similar issues then Call Outlook Phone Support.

It is to be noted that the password made to login to an email or any user account must be secure. Secure password means the password should be at least 8 digits and consists of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. At least one alphabet must be in a capital letter for sure. Stronger the password, harder it becomes to break it. Normally people keep dictionary words as password and it is not at all recommended as it can be easily guessed or broken by some password recovery algorithms.

Today most of the email server keep a log of login information as to when the email is logged, from which location, timestamp and from which browser it is being used right now or logged in once or many times. As a responsible user, everybody must know this and should always check the login information to be safe. Step-2 verification is a security feature of the email server in which it sends a code to registered cell phone and ask for it before letting in. Step 2 verification means, 1st step is the password and 2nd step is the code sent to a verified phone number. In this way, one can feel secure that no other person is getting in the email account without step2 for sure.

There are many more small and big issues you might face while using outlook, please visit official page to understand the program better, take a look at outlook tutorials to learn the program better and while using the outlook program if you are stuck at any point, do not hesitate to call our Outlook Phone Experts at 1-800-875-8836.
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