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Eudora is one of the oldest email program, which was developed in 1988 by Steve Dorner,in 1991 Eudora was taken over by Qualcomm they commercialized and offered Eudora Free and Paid versions,in 2006 Qualcomm stopped the paid version and made it open source on Mozilla Thunderbird, or it was called Eudora OSE,Qualcomm promoted it till 2018 and than it was acquired by Computer History Museum.The last Qualcomm versions of Eudora, for Windows and 6.2.4 for Macintosh.

Eudora works flawlessly with both Windows and macOS. If you are thinking of using Eudora or if you already have this application in your computer then you will be amazed to know the vast number of features it provides to you.

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    • Add a picture or logo to your signature- Business owners just love this feature in eudora adding a logo, picture, link, website or a signature since if a business owner adds a sign or a logo then client will remember that email more than the ordinary email, to set up you need to Go to Edit > Insert > Downloadable Picture, to insert a hyperlinked graphic.

    • Updated SpamWatch definitions- We all have been getting a lot of spams these days, hence SpamWatch updates help with changes in spammer's.and it keeps you protected always.

    • Ultra fast indexed search - If you keep hundreds of emails in your email program and finding those emails are difficult for you then Eudora ultra fast indexed search feature will make your life easy since it is fast and accurate.

    • Security: Eudora was loved by Millions of users since it has The S/MIME Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions this plugin allows you to sign or encrypt your emails conversations.

    • SpamWatch: this feature is a paid feature to stop all those annoying spam emails, if you get a lot of those emails then this feature is worth buying.
    • ScamWatch: Eudora offers you ScamWatch that stops most phishing emails containing suspected URLs Since there are a lot of scams happening due to phishing really works amazingly for a lot of eudora users.

    • Format Painter: Copies fonts and styles from one place to another.

    • OpenSSL: The state-of-the art standard in email security and encryption.

    • Improved IMAP: If you use eudora on multiple devices then this feature will help you a lot since it automatically imports all your data and keeps it the same for all the devices at different locations.

    • New Toolbar Icons: In Eudora upgrade to the new icon look. Or, if you like then the option to maintain the classic look is also available.

    • Formatting and Styles: While writing new emails or replying to old emails you can generate styled text,font, color, size, style, margins, etc. from the Text menu.

    • Strikeout Style Button: Show edits using the cross outs on selected text.

    • Emoticons: You can choose from a variety of emoticons in the eudora application.

    • WebWords: WebWords combines email and web searching.

    • Content Concentrator: Content Concentrator works like a highlighter tool it displays your messages more readable.

    • Contextual Filing advanced matching: Select any word or words in an email  and, with just a click, you can file it in a folder or mailbox of the same name or one containing that word.

    • Enhanced Filters: You can filter your emails, folders and attachments as per your choses you get many options to choose from in eudora.

    • Virus Protection: Eudora gives you another layer of security and it doesn't allow any program or run from your email till the time you dont run it, Eudora also warns you with anything suspicious.

    • Customize your Toolbar: You can change the toolbar layout, add or remove function keys.

    • Mail Sort: If you keep your mails managed then by clicking on a column header. You can choose to sort your emails by Sender, Date, Subject, Label color, etc

    • Kerberos V Authentication: It is a One-time security login for site licensees.

    • Eudora Sharing Protocol - With eudora You can automatically sync and share files with family, friends and team members. you won't require a seperate server or resending it again those large attachments.

    • Email Usage Stats: Eudora gives you private, personal and interesting insight of your day-to-day email activity and patterns.

    • Multi-tasking: You can Compose, receive and send mail at the same time. By checking and sending mail in the background, Eudora lets you work in other applications while your email is transferring.

    • Automatic Name and Address Completion: Eudora automatically completes the recipient name you are typing using information from your Address Book

    • Drag and Drop Attachments: If you store your attachments on your desktop then with drag and drop feature you will have the capability to simply pick it and move it to your desktop screen instead of downloading, saving and then moving.

    • Improved Outlook importer: If you have been a user of outlook then this feature will help you import your outlook data to eudora in just a few clicks.
    • IMAP mailbox sync: If you have a lot of data that syncs everyday and keeps your mail program busy then in Eudora you will have an option to choose which IMAP mailboxes should be synced on mail checks. A menu item provides a toggle so that users can Sync on Mail Check or not.

    • In line spell checking: It seems unprofessional when there are typo mistakes in your emails,Eudora highlights the misspelled words in your emails. You can check, override and add words to your dictionary for future use.

    • LDAP Directory Services: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol allows you to look up contacts using LDAP servers such as WhoWhere.

    • SSL: Eudora offers you Secure Socket Layer support.

    • Color Labeling: Assign colors to sort your email either manually or automatically using filters.

    • Saved Search Criteria- In Eudora 7.1 you have an option to add save search criteria. To do so Go to File->Save, then open the search criteria later via the menu arrow on the "Search" button.

    • Recent Mail- You get an option to add a new Mailboxes window with submenus and transfer menus.

    • Play your music for new mail and filters - You can choose a music for you incoming mail and you can set it by going to Tools > Options > Getting Note To add your music to Filters, go to Tools > Filters > Action > Playsound.

    Lets Learn How to fix some main problem you have while using Eudora with Windows and macOS, Apple Eudora is giving Server SSL Certificate Failed or Rejecting how to fix it?

    If you have been getting an error SSL failed or server SSLcertificate rejected, it means eudora has not been accepting the secure certificate from your webmail server, because eudora is an old program and the certificate you are using is new, so you need to find out the certificate which is compatible with eudora program and your webmail.You can try and install root certificate,or turn off SSL security. Please make sure you check SMTP.
    If you are getting an error for authentication in Eudora, you need to make sure that you authenticate the addresses, to do so Right Click tab on the left hand pane to bring up the various addresses,Right click on addresses you are sending as choose properties and find the option Allow Authentication or Authentication Allowed and Check the box then click ok to allow.
    If Eudora is giving an error while setting it up, it may also be a problem with wrong password or webmail not gives you an error like client host rejected,server unavailable or client host rejected access denied. This happens when ports are trying to create a connection with your webmail but the password is not correct.
    You need to also check if your antivirus program is blocking Eudora, if eudora is in your block list then give exception to eudora,if your firewall is blocking eudora then give permission from the firewall, sometimes have to uninstall and reinstall your antivirus virus to see if eudora works that way since some users have solved the problem this way.
    Getting server error in Eudora or Eudora wrong port error or SMTP error in Eudora comes up when correct port are not inserted in your Eudora application, You first need to check who is your webmail provider which is mostly associated with your email name or given by ISP like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, MSN, AOL, etc. when are know who is your mail provider then check
    if you have the correct ports in the Eudora application,To do the correct settings.
    Close Eudora Application.
    Open Explorer or My Computer or This PC.
    Go to My Computer > C: > Program Files > Qualcomm > Eudora or it may be Eudora.
    Find the extrastuff folder in that, and click on it, you can also search for it from the Start Menu if you can't find it.
    You will see a file with the name of esoteric.epi. Right-click on this file, and from the context menu choose "Copy".
    Go back (up) one level and go to Edit > Paste, to create a copy of esoteric.epi in the main Eudora folder.
    Restart Eudora Go to "Tools" > "Options" and scroll down the categories to check that the "Ports" category is there.
    Once all these steps are done then you will have to put the server settings.
    Click on the "Sending Mail" icon in the options.
    What do you have in the smtp server box? Any of "" or"" or "" or just blank should work (although "" is preferred).
    Allow authentication should always be on.

    You can try sending queued messages if it does not work or call our Eudora Support Phone Number.

    If you're still having problems sending with Eudora, try using the alternative port. Try each of these combinations in turn in the Sending Mail category, testing after each one:

    Click Use submission port 587 and under Secure sockets when sending, select Required, STARTTLS. If you get a certificate error, it means email is connecting. Accept the certificate.
    Uncheck the Use submission port 587 and under Secure sockets when sending, click on Never this will work as an unsecured connection.
    Make sure Use submission port 587 is still unchecked, try other port numbers which are secured or encrypted with eudora.

    If still it doesnt work then. Scroll down at the bottom options you will see Ports. Select it, and under SMTP port, change 25 to 2525. Try again. If that still doesn't work, Contact ISP support or Eudora Support Phone Number.

    If yiou can send emails with Eudora but cannot receive Emails then go to Options, click on Checking Mail. follow these steps below
    Set "Secure Sockets when Receiving" to "Required, STARTTLS" (secure, and the preferred setting)
    Click on Secure Sockets when Receiving to Required, Alternate Port
    Click on Secure Sockets when Receiving to Required, STARTTLS, secure, and the preferred setting.

    Click on Secure Sockets when Receiving to Never, not encrypted.

    If you are still not receiving emails with eudora then you will have to create a new contact or address, but if you were using POP, try IMAP, or vice versa. If it still doesn't work, it means all ports are blocked and the server is not retrieving your email.Contact Eudora Support Phone Number for help if you cannot fix it using the above steps.
    Eudora is not working with Apple or macOS
    This is how to enable to "Ports & Protocols" category
    Close down Eudora for the time being
    In Finder, go to Applications > Eudora Application Folder.
    Click once on the Eudora icon, then click File > Get Info
    There should be a section "> Plug-ins" towards the bottom. Open that by clicking on the arrow.
    Make sure any item marked "Esoteric Settings" is ticked.
    Close the Eudora Info window and restart Eudora
    Go to Eudora > "Preferences" and scroll down the categories to check that the "Ports & Protocols" icon is there.

    Now Check the Basic Settings:

    Go to Eudora > Preferences... and click on the "Sending Mail" icon
    What do you have in the smtp server box? Any of "" or "" or "" or just blank should work, although "" is preferred. (If it is followed by a colon and a number, try changing that number from "587"to "2525" or vice versa, and try sending again, or try ticking "submission port (587)")
    "Allow authorisation" should always be on.
    Scroll down the categories until you get to "SSL". Select the relevant personality, and under "SSL for SMTP", select "Optional (TLS)". If you decide to use Eudora

    If none of the above works:
    make sure "use submission port (587)" under Sending Mail is not ticked (and there is no colon and port number in SMTP server)
    scroll down even further and you should see "Ports & Protocols". There, next to SMTP port, please put "2525", click "OK"
    try to send again.

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